Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Commenting on LiveJournal

Some of you may have noticed that you are unable to comment on the LiveJournal blogs. This is easily remedied. With a little help from our LiveJournalers.

If you have a LiveJournal blog, you need to play around with your comment settings. Your blog needs to accept comments from Open IDs. Those of you not on LiveJournal can use your Blogger or WordPress ID as an "Open ID" when commenting.

I'll mention this again tomorrow in class. See you then!


  1. yea i found out how to change the settings to let people comment on my blogs

  2. Yea I have no ide how to do that! When I tried to comment on someones blog it told me to log in and I tried but it wouldn't let me?! I'm confused!

  3. It's not your fault, Maria. The settings have to allow "Open ID." Until the LiveJournal peeps do that, we are stuck commenting only in blogger world.