Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gift of Pop Tarts

Is food a gift? Or is it just food? Vandana Shiva's essay "Gift of Food" argues for the former. Shiva also states that we've lost touch with the importance of food. Food, she says, is the Creator. It should not be heavily fertilized or processed. Without clean organic food, our nutrition suffers.

Our class felt neither one way or the other about this argument. Food, we said, is a meal. Yes, it's important to eat organic and healthy. But in America, those options are not the cheapest or the easiest to come by.

Jan pointed out that organic food isn't always organic. Josh added that most food is genetically modified to a certain extent. The only way to get non-genetically motified food is to grow it yourself. That is the cheapest and healthiest way to eat, as Dina attested. Perhaps someday, when we all own our own homes, we can try growing our own corn and tomatoes. Gardening is worthwhile and fun. But it's also time consuming. We have to wonder - as Americans - do we have a choice? Or are we as lazy as the rest of the planet thinks we are?

Brie told us about her last trip to the Farmer's Market. She said that she spent twenty dollars on four items. That's too much for a college student, and for anyone working a minimum wage job. Brie said that eating healthy is important to her, so it's worth the extra spendage.

That's the real trick. We eat healthy when we can afford it, or when we don't have a choice but to afford it. We pay for it when we have to. Until then, it's Pop Tarts for breakfast.

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